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Club Pilates Prices: How Much Does a Membership Cost?

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If it seems like everyone and their mother is doing Pilates right now, your instincts are right. While you can get a solid Pilates workout at home without any equipment, one of the best ways to level up your practice is to hop on a Pilates reformer — an exercise apparatus with pulleys, springs, and a sliding platform. If you’re looking for a place to learn the ropes, Club Pilates is a great place to start. The Southern California-based studio has more than 900 locations across the country, with more beginner-friendly programming than some of the other reformer studios out there. But before getting started, here’s what you should know about Club Pilates pricing — because it’s not exactly easy to figure out.

Club Pilates classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Depending on which class you take (there are eight different options to choose from!), you might also use a TRX, an Exo-Chair, a Bosu ball, a mat, or a foam roller in addition to the reformer.

Club Pilates may be beginner-friendly, but fancy equipment doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re interested in trying a single class or a full-blown membership, it pays to know the Club Pilates prices before you commit. Once you’re hooked, you might even be interested in Club Pilates unlimited. That said, most of the pricing is dependent on your location, and Club Pilates pricing isn’t listed anywhere on the website. To figure out how much Club Pilates costs, we spoke to a rep and broke down all the different membership options. Read on to get a better (and more accurate) sense of Club Pilates pricing.

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost?

Club Pilates is a franchise (meaning each location is individually owned), so prices vary by location. To get the most accurate price estimation, your best bet is to head to the Find a Studio Near You page on the brand’s website. There, you can search for your closest location and find its contact info. Since most locations don’t list prices directly on the website, you’ll need to call or email to find out.

Membership Options

Looking to get a general idea of Club Pilates’s costs? Single classes typically range from $25 to $49, depending on where you live, according to a brand rep. Membership prices range from a minimum of $79 to a maximum of $359 per month, depending on the studio, per the rep. Memberships will give you the lowest per-class price, but there’s usually a three-month minimum (and a fee of about $100 if you cancel early). Members should also note the cancellation policy, which charges unlimited members a $10 fee for cancelling less than 12 hours before class, and $15 for a no-show (according to Reddit). Membership options include:

  • Four classes a month ($89-$109, depending on location): This is great for anyone looking to add Pilates to their schedule once a week.
  • Eight classes a month ($159-$229, depending on location): If you’re ready to build your Pilates knowledge, eight classes a week is a great way to learn more and see progress.
  • Unlimited membership ($199-279, depending on location): Once you fall in love with Pilates, the unlimited plan is the best way to make it a part of your everyday fitness routine.
  • Passport membership ($299): For people who intend to work out across different locations, the passport membership gives you access to more Club Pilates locations all across the country.
  • Destination membership ($359): This is the only membership that gives you access to every single Club Pilates location, which is what makes it the most expensive.

Some Club Pilates locations also offer private training sessions, which is a great idea if you’re looking for help with an injury or you want to learn how to use the reformer with more individualized support. If you’re loving the practice, you can also commit to an annual membership, which allows you to pay once and skip the monthly payments (although it does require a year-long commitment).

To give you an idea of how Club Pilates membership prices vary, one Redditor who claimed to manage a Club Pilates told the r/Pilates subreddit that their local studio charges $109 for four classes per month, $199 for eight classes per month, $229 for unlimited, and $279 for the Passport membership. Meanwhile, another Redditor shared that their Los Angeles studio charges $120 for four classes per month, $230 for eight classes per month, and $270 for unlimited.

Can You Try a Club Pilates Class For Free?

Yes! No matter which location you visit, you can get a 30-minute introductory class for free.

Can You Take Club Pilates Classes Online?

Club Pilates is part of Xponential Fitness, a global franchise group of boutique fitness brands including Rumble Boxing, CycleBar, Pure Barre, YogaSix, and Row House. You can stream classes from Club Pilates (and all the other Xponential brands) online through the Xponential+ App ($30 per month or $120 per year, after a seven-day free trial). You can sign up online or talk to your local studio to get set up.

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Are There Any Other Club Pilates Costs to Know About?

You’ll need to wear a pair of sticky or grippy socks for class, as they help you maintain a good grip on the reformer. If you don’t have grippy socks, you can buy some from your Club Pilates studio. A pair will typically cost $15-$20, but you can also find cheaper multipacks on Amazon.

— Additional reporting by Chandler Plante

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