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8 Renter-Friendly Shelves, No Drilling Required

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So, you’ve viewed a rental, fell in love with it, and moved in, only to find that it’s severely lacking in storage space. Where will your books, toiletries, and knick knacks live? Will you have to resort to decluttering things that are important to you, or storing your essentials in baskets sprawled across your new home? Before you make attempts to rescind your security deposit, know that there is a solution that’s as renter-friendly as it is functional: shelves.

We’re not referring to the kind of shelves that’ll wreck your walls (and make for one unhappy landlord). Rather, we’re talking floating, free-standing, and countertop-friendly shelves that don’t involve any drilling or holes. These shelving options are an ideal workaround for spaces that have little to no storage options, and they can maximize space in your home.

Searching for the best no-drill, renter-friendly shelves can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not one to enjoy home shopping to begin with. From acrylic and wood to stackable and adjustable designs, the market is overflowing with options. Thankfully, we did the grunt work and combed through several retailers to scout the best no-drill shelves that’ll fit every need, space, and budget.

Below, find eight of the best renter-friendly shelves that you’ll be excited to use in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and everywhere in between.

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