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10 Tattoo Trends For 2024

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While everything from seasons changing to celebrating a birthday can have you feeling reflective about the past, chances are you’re also probably looking forward to the fresh new energy that comes with ringing in a new personal milestone. One of our favorite ways to undergo a little personal refresh? Finding trendy tattoos to add to our collection.

Last year, popular tattoos included abstract styles and ’90s-inspired designs, including “tramp stamps,” but in 2024, the tattoo trends to watch include realistic styles, finger tattoos, and more. You may have a certain celebrity to thank for one of these.

“People are switching up the types of tattoos they get because of influence from others, for example, Hailey Bieber,” Syd Smith, owner of Syzygy Precision Tattooing, micro tattoo expert, and a member of the Mad Rabbit pro team, tells PS. “Her hand tattoos are some of the most common photos I receive for inspiration, and it has definitely been influencing other people.”

That said, there are plenty of new tattoo designs that are predicted to be huge. Ahead, PS spoke with a handful of artists to discuss the tattoo trends you need to look out for. Keep reading to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the best tattoo ideas to consider when adding more ink to your collection.

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