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Indian women’s cricket team: Upcoming matches everything you need to know

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Cricket season has come back. Let’s explore some of its key areas as cricket is the only game which is mostly watched throughout the world and it unites nations with some success and failure. Today we are going to detail about the Indian women’s cricket team as the team has made a significant impact and captured attention with their outstanding performance in recent years. Today we are going to explore their journey from beginnings to remarkable achievements. Their growth has brought sparkle to the nation with wonderful performances. They have not only redefined the game but have also become beacons of inspiration for millions of young girls across the nation.

A. Early days and pioneers of women’s cricket in India:

The early days of Women’s cricket in India was marked by tremendous difficulties with few opportunities this is because sport was only considered initially as it’s only male-dominated and women’s participation in cricket was met with difficulties and resistance. However, there were several innovators who defied societal norms and made the way for the growth of women’s cricket in the country.

Indian women's cricket team
Indian women’s cricket team

Let me first tell you about Diana Edulji who was the first who took action for women’s cricket team in india for the first time with tremendous efforts and skills firstly she made her debut in 1976 for women’s cricket team in India and then she went on to become one of the leading all-rounders on that time. Edulji’s innovation and skill helped showcased the awareness about women’s cricket and raise it then she inspired so many young girls to take up the sport for their choice and come farward. Her contribution was remarkable and crucial in establishing a foundation for future generations of Indian women cricketers.

B. Milestones and achievements of the Indian women’s cricket team:

Over the years, the international World’s Cup women’s cricket team has made so many records. In 2005, the Indian women’s cricket team showcased their skills and talent by captivating the cricketing world . In 2005, the Indian women’s cricket team finished the target as runners-up. It was a creative and groundbreaking achievement that propelled women’s cricket into the spotlight in India and it is very remarkable till today.

Once again, In 2017, the Indian women’s cricket team made another history by reaching the final of the ICC Women’s World Cup. Their outstanding performance throughout the 2017 World Cup inspired millions of fans again. The team’s fearless and amazing approach on the field inspired a generation of young girls to dream big and pursue their
cricket as a profession.

Another significant
achievement came in 2020 when the T20 World Cup happened. The Indian women’s
cricket team made another successful round and reached the final of the ICC,but
they fell short in the final. Their remarkable journey to the final showcased
their talent, resilience, and the immense potential of women’s cricket in
India. In 2020, that was the first time that the Indian women’s cricket team
reached a summit clash successfully.

 III. Key

 A. For the success
of the women’s cricket team, there is the contribution of talented individuals
who always make their team proud by their outstanding performance. Indian
women’s cricket team players are not only team members but they also have their
individual milestone journey which no one can forget. Every player performed
excellently. There are some important names: Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur,
Smriti Mandhana, Jhulan Goswami, and Poonam Yadav. The highest run-scorer in
women’s ODIs was recorded by Mithali Raj, while Jhulan Goswami is the best
leading wicket-taker.

IV. Future Prospects:

A. With increasing
opportunities, talent and a growing pool, the future of women’s cricket team
has a promising future. Very soon, this team will achieve greater heights and
will bring increasing laurels to the nation. The team has the potential to
achieve even greater heights and bring more awards to the nation.

B. With improved
infrastructure and league and development, young talented cricketers have a
very clear pathway to achieve their dreams because government also invests in
grassroots and development, so the cricket team has a promising future.

V. Indian women’s
cricket team upcoming matches 2023

Now let us explore
the Indian women’s cricket team’s upcoming matches for 2023 as
everyone is excited to know about it, so your favorite and exciting news is
here today in our blog. With a scheduled journey, the team will be
participating in different tournaments, tours and series across different
countries, so let’s dive right with us and come forward to mark our calendars
for these special days.

June 2023:

The team is ready to
showcase it’s talent and competitive spirit, so the Women’s Ashes, 2023 is now
set to kick off from June 22 and continue until July 18 in England. The series will
feature 1 Test, 3 ODIs, and 3 T20s.

In the Caribbean, there
will be an exciting clash between two teams. It will also be in the same month,
from June 26 to July 09, the Ireland Women will tour the West Indies. It will
take place in 3 ODIs and 3 T20s.

From June 27 to July 12,
New Zealand women are scheduled to hurry to tour Sri Lanka with 3 ODIs and 3
T20s. It will be another thrilling series that expects intense matches as these
two teams battle it out in Sri Lanka.

July 2023:

From July 03 to July 07,
Thai women embark on a tour of the Netherlands with 3 ODIs on the European
cricketing stage, so the excitement continues in the month of July as well.

 From July 09 to
July 22, the Indian women’s team will tour Bangladesh with 3 T20s and 3 ODIs.
These two neighboring nations always compete for cricketing glory.

In the Netherlands from
July 10 to July 15 a Women’s T20I Tri-Series will take place. This triangular
series will involve the host nation and two other teams, and T20 cricket with 6
matches scheduled.

From July 12 to July 23,
the Norway women’s team will tour Estonia for a 3-match T20 series. This
encounter will offer a chance for both teams to showcase their talent to their
fans and contribute towards the growth of women’s cricket.

And finally, at the end
of July, the Australian women’s team will tour Ireland from July 23 to July 28
for a 3-match ODI series. To wrap up the month, the Australian Women’s Team
will tour Ireland from July 23 to July 28 for a 3-match ODI series.

August 2023:

In August, in England
from 01 to 27 August, the Women’s Team India will participate in The Hundred
Women’s. From various international teams, an exhilarating display of talent
promises a high-octane T20 tournament that features 32 matches.

From August 14 to August
17 there will be an Ireland women’s tour to the Netherlands for a 3- match T20
series in a bid to claim supermacy. Fans can expect an intense battle between
these two teams.

Moreover, the Women’s
Caribbean Premier League (WCPL) 2023 is scheduled from August 31 to September
11 in the West Indies. This T20 extravaganza will feature 7 matches and
showcase the skills of top players from around the world.

September 2023:

In the month of
September, from 02 to September 19 there will be a tour of the Sri Lanka
Women’s Team to England. With 3 ODIs and 3 T20s, this series promises exciting
encounters and an opportunity for both teams to exhibit their cricketing

The South Africa women’s
team will tour Pakistan from 01 to 14 September with 3 ODIs and 3 T20s. Fans can
look forward to a gripping contest.

October 2023:

The West Indies women’s
cricket team tours Australia from October 01 to October 17, so be ready.
October brings more exciting cricket. This series, consisting of 3 ODIs and 3
T20s, will be a test of skill and resilience for both teams.

January 2024:

The South Africa women’s
team will tour Austria in January 2024,from 27 January to 18 February. This
whole series includes 1 test, 3 ODIs and 3 T20s. We hope it will provide a
captivating showcase of women’s cricket at its finest.

May 2024:

 In May, the
Pakistan Women’s Team will tour England from May 11 to May 29. With 3 ODIs and
3 T20s, this series will offer an enthralling clash between the two nations.

June 2024:

From June 26 to July 17,
the New Zealand Women’s Team will tour England with 3 ODIs and 5 T20s. This
series promises a competitive journey.


The Women’s Team India
has an exciting lineup of matches and tournaments scheduled from June 2023 to
June 2024.

We hope you all have
enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment
section or you can see in the FAQs section.

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1. who is indian women’s cricket team captain in 2023?

Harmanpreet Kaur is the Indian women’s cricket team captain for 2023.

2. What is the average salary of indian women’s cricket team?

Average salary of Indian’s women cricketers is INR 15 lakh for a Test, 6 lakh for an ODI and 3 lakh for a T20I.

3. when was indian women’s cricket team formed?

Indian women’s cricket team was formed in 1973.

4. How many times Indian women’s team won World Cup?

India reaching the final twice but are yet to win the Women’s Cricket World Cup.

5. Who scored double-century in ODI women’s?

Amelia Kerr scored double century in women’s ODI she was only 17 years old at that time.

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