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What Are Coffin Nails? We Break Down the Coffin Nail Shape

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If you want a bold manicure but the stiletto nail shape is just a little too extra for you, then you should consider coffin nails as a perfect compromise. The style, which looks like an oval mani with square tips, has won over plenty of fans due to its versatility and simplicity to re-create.

Coffin nails flatter fingers of all shapes and sizes since the style is tapered at the ends. This creates an effect that thins and elongates your hands. Although coffin nails may look high-maintenance (and whether you need acrylic tips is solely dependent on your natural length), they are deceptively easy to maintain. Plus, due to the unique shape, they don’t break easily. Ahead, we chatted with Miss Pop, an editorial nail artist, who broke down everything you need to know about the trend, including how you can get the look at home.

Experts Featured in This Article

Miss Pop is an editorial nail artist based in New York City.

What Are Coffin Nails?

Coffin nails are typically long in length, tapered, and have a square tip. For the most part, “You can wear the [coffin manicure] with natural nails, no acrylic enhancement necessary,” Miss Pop tells PS. But nail biters take note: “You will need long nails that are well over the fingertip, because this shape needs space to be achieved.”

How to Get Coffin Nails

As you begin to shape the nail, Miss Pop says to file at a “slight diagonal angle from each side of the nail.” This creates an almond — or oval — shape. Be sure that you’re using a nail file that is 220 grit or higher — this Professional 240 Grit Nail File ($7) will do the trick. As you’re filing, “stroke in one direction” to maintain precision.

Miss Pop says that “once you have an almond nail, simply stroke straight across the top, again in one direction, to square the very tip off.” After that, Miss Pop likes to round the sides of the tip to prevent breakage.

And voila! You’ve just achieved the covetable coffin nail. If you’re in need of inspiration, we rounded up some of our favorite iterations of the trend.

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