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Squishy Sex Toys Are the Newest Trend, According to Sexperts

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Squishy is a word that you may use to describe a marshmallow or the face of a pit bull puppy, but sex toys? Well, that’s the idea behind the latest pleasure product trend: squishy sex toys.

“Squishy sex toys are pleasure products that have a bit of give to them,” sex educator Marla Renee Stewart tells PS. Unlike sex toys made from glass or stainless steel, which can be hard and firm, squishy sex toys are flexible and bendy.

These pleasure products offer gentle stimulation that many people may find arousing. “Squishy sex toys are a particularly good option for those who find harder sex toys abrasive, uncomfortable, and even painful,” Stewart says. These types of sex toys also tend to be a lot less intimidating than firmer alternatives, which is why they can be a great option for people who are new to sex toys or penetrative play in general. “Squishy sex toys also tend to be appealing to those who are neurodivergent or otherwise tactile,” Stewart adds.

Given their recent emergence into the wonderful world of pleasure products, there are not as many squishy sex toys on the market as there are bullet vibrators or butt plugs. However, there are still a wide-variety of sex-toy types that are now available in a squishy material. Below, experts explain more about the squishy sex toy trend.

Experts Featured in This Article

Marla Renee Stewart is a sex expert for Lovers and co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay.”

Lisa Finn is a sex educator with sex-toy brand Babeland.

Polly Rodriguez is the co-founder of sex-toy brand Unbound.

Suzannah Weiss is the resident sexologist for Biird and author of “Subjectified: Becoming a Sexual Subject.”

What Is a Squishy Sex Toy?

Squishy sex toys are toys with a more pillowy density and texture compared to other sex toys, sex educator Lisa Finn says. “They have a skin-like consistency that mimics the firmness of a body part,” they say. Some pleasure-seekers say that this makes them feel less like they are bringing in a robot or foreign object into the bedroom.

As for the material: most squishy sex toys are made from a particular type of body-safe silicone called liquid silicone, which can be transformed into a pleasure product when poured into a mold. Others are made from another body-safe, super-soft material called elastomer.

How to Use a Squishy Sex Toy

Good news: there is really no wrong way to use a squishy sex toy, according to sexologist Suzannah Weiss. Just make sure your sex toys — squishy or hard — are anal-safe and have a flared base if you want to use them for any variation of anal sex.

As for other areas a squishy sex toy can stimulate: “most squishy sex toys are quite versatile and can be used over the clitoris or the whole vulva, on the penis, or on other sensitive parts of the body like the nipples,” Weiss says. They can also be used alone or with a sexual partner(s). “One suggestion is to show your partner(s) exactly how you like to use the squishy sex toy on yourself and then invite them to follow suit,” Weiss suggests.

No matter the type of sex you’re having, Stewart suggests adding a squirt of store-bought lube into play, which will enable the toy to slide and glide along your genitals and support penetration. Most squishy sex toys can be used with a water-based or oil-based lubricant, but note that you should steer clear of silicone-based lubes since the majority of squishy sex toys are made from silicone.

The Best Squishy Sex Toys to Buy Right Now

To make shopping as easy as possible, we put together a list of the best squishy sex toys on the market right now. Scroll on to shop the best squishy vibrators, non-vibrating sex toys, G-spot wands, and more.

The Best Squishy Sex Toy Overall: Unbound Squish ($66)

Main ImageMain Image

Really, it should come as no surprise that the gold medalist among squishy sex toys is literally named Squish. Made from woman-owned brand Unbound, Squish is shaped like a vanilla-chocolate swirl, which in practice gives you access to rounded sides for broad stimulation, as well as a tip for pin-pointed pressure. Notably, the external vibrator responds to every squeeze, and the harder you squish it, the stronger the vibration gets.

“Squish literally reacts to your touch, which helps individuals to connect with the product on a deeper level,” Polly Rodriguez, co-founder of Unbound, says. There are six different vibration settings, including four intensities and two patterns, which are more intense than a standard bullet vibrator, but not as overpowering as a wand vibrator.

The Best Squishy Sex Toy Runner-Up: Skins Touch The Rabbit Vibrator ($54)

Main ImageMain Image

Made from Skins signature silicone, rubbing yourself with this sex toy feels similar to being rubbed by a human. As its name suggests, this portable vibrator is rabbit-style, which means it has one arm designed to massage your G-spot (located at the front of the vaginal canal), as well as a shorter arm for external clitoral stimulation. With eight vibration options and a flexible body that enables the toy to work for a variety of anatomies, this squishy sex toy excels at dual stimulation.

The Best Beginner Squishy Sex Toy: Coconu Wave Massager ($50)

Main ImageMain Image

Coconu may be most known for its lubricants, but the brand deserves some serious recognition for their one-and-only pleasure product: the Wave Massager. To the naked eye, this nude-colored vibrator looks like nothing more than a beauty blender sponge, but actually, this palm-shaped squishy sex toy can provide some serious pleasure. Made from body-safe silicone, the Wave isn’t as squishy as a stress ball, but the tip of its tear-drop shape has more to give than most vibrators.

Best Cheap Squishy Sex Toy: Cake Oral Stroker ($20)

Main ImageMain Image

If you or your partner have a penis or testosterone-induced bottom growth, consider the Cake Oral Stroker. Made from premium silicone, this two-inch tall toy is designed to slide over your external genitals and can be used similarly to how you would move your hand while jerking off or giving a hand job. While this toy does not vibrate, the inside is lined with little nubs and ridges that supply a new sensation.

Best Vibrating Squishy Sex Toy: Biird Evii ($89)

Main ImageMain Image

Made from body-safe, squishy silicone, the Biird Evii has two powerful motors that are whisper quiet. (Generally speaking, squishy toys tend to be more discrete since the material diffuses the sound of the vibrations, Weiss says.) This squishy sex toy is perfect for individuals who enjoy external stimulation that isn’t pinpointed, Weiss says. “The squishy texture of the toy allows you to press and squeeze the toy against your body to your liking so that it’s hitting just the right spot in just the right way,” she says.

The Best Non-Vibrating Squishy Sex Toy: B.Cush Silicone Base ($35)

Main ImageMain Image

If pegging or other forms of strap-on play makes an appearance in your sex life, Finn suggests the B.Cush Silicone Base. “This super cushy toy is a silicone bumper that is designed to go over the back of a dildo during strap-on play in order to give the wearer of the harness some extra sensation and texture while they’re donning their strap,” they say. Pleasure aside, it also serves as a cushion-filled barrier that can prevent any discomfort when thrusting with a firmer dildo, Finn says.

The Best Squishy Dildo: Biird Bae by Jouissance Club ($35)

Main ImageMain Image

If you’re looking for a dildo that feels more like a body part and less like a manufactured product, consider the Bae by Biird. Crafted entirely from the super-soft silicone that Biird is known for, this dildo is more nimble than most other silicone-dildos on the market. This can make vaginal penetration much more comfortable for individuals who do not enjoy the sensation of being pounded or plowed.

The Best G-Spot Squishy Sex Toy: Calexotics Thicc Chubby Bunny Rabbit Vibrator ($86)

Main ImageMain Image

If you enjoy the sensation of fullness with clitoral stimulation, look no further than the Calexotics Thicc Chubby Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. The head of this pleasure product has an impressive 5.25 circumference, making it perfect for individuals who enjoy the sensation of being stretched. Additionally, the toy also has bunny ear attachment, which provides external clitoral stimulation when the toy is inside of you, says Stewart. “The buttons are also easy to navigate and the vibrational speeds are on point,” she says.

The Most Unique Squishy Sex Toy: The Vibrating Ohnut Ring ($55)

Main ImageMain Image

The original Ohnut Ring is a stretchy, body-safe buffer that is designed to slide down the shaft of a penis or dildo to physically limit how deep it can go during sex. It was designed to help make intercourse possible for individuals who experience pain or discomfort with greater depth, either as a result of an underlying condition or the length of the member in question. The vibrating Ohnut Ring, however, takes the original product and adds a vibrator to it. This enables the ring to provide pleasurable vibration to the wearer.

The Best Squishy Bullet Vibrator: FemmeFunn Ossai ($105)

Main ImageMain Image

Unlike many bullet vibrators that are made from unyielding ABS plastic, the Ossai is made from buttery-soft silicone. And while most bullet vibrators are designed to be held in your hand, this FemmeFunn option is completely hands free. To use it, simply cover its two insertable inches with a water-based lubricant, then slip it inside of you vaginally or anally. The Ossai also contains a super-powerful motor that can provide 10 different vibration settings.

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