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Patrick Ta Major Glow Highlighter Duo Review With Photos

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“Next to blush, a highlighter is probably my next favorite cheek product. As much fun as the over-the-top 2016 highlighter era was, it’s not one that I want to go back to. Still, I love a glowy cheek — albeit slightly more subdued, these days — so when I saw that Patrick Ta’s new highlighters featured both a balm and powder, I immediately knew I had to try them.

I knew the bronzy and champagne shades would work for my skin tone, but I was more interested in seeing how the lighter shades worked for me. Too often, brands try to relegate deep skin tones to one super bronze shade that can sometimes be way too dark to highlight any area of the face, leaving us with options that are either too ashy or more like bronzer-toppers than highlighters.

I went for the pink shade, Baby, and I’m pleased to share that it was absolutely beautiful on. The powder is made of multi-colored shimmers that shift a bit more pinky-red than an ashy, cool-toned shade, making the powder a beautiful standalone product. Still, when I added the balm on top, it took it to the next level and gave me the most delicious glass cheeks that scream summer. I’ve even used this on my chest and love the results. This one is worth all the hype and is staying within arm’s reach for the next few months.” — Ariel Baker, associate editor, beauty

Rating: ★★★★★

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