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Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder Review

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I’ve tried a lot of protein powders over the years. As someone who works out frequently and eats a plant-based diet, I can use all the extra help I can get to hit my dietary goals. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the right foods, but when you’re vegetarian, protein powder is a great way to supplement your diet. That said, not all protein powders are actually all that good for you; many are latent with sugars and artificial flavors. After spending far more time than I’d like to admit discerning and cross-referencing nutrition labels, I discovered that a brand I know and love, Ora Organics, makes a protein powder called So Lean & So Clean ($36, originally $40) — and it checks all my boxes.

Ora Organics is a supplement company that focuses on whole-body wellness through plant-based, organic, good-for-you formulations. The brand carries a wide variety of products, from oral supplements for sleep, skin, and hormones to greens powders and pre-workout formulas.

I decided not to restock my old protein powder in favor of the Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder, and I’m so glad I did. Keep reading for my full review.

What I Like About Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder

Protein powders can really be hit or miss — from the taste to the texture and the way they mix. Some feel chalky or gritty, others don’t blend smoothly, and others taste really artificial. I don’t have any of those problems with the Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder. It comes in four flavors — chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai, and unsweetened — and having tried chocolate and vanilla, I can confirm they both taste amazing.

In addition to being vegan, the powder is gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and soy-free, meaning it fits a wide variety of dietary restrictions. A single serving has 21 grams of protein, thanks to a blend of superfoods like pea and rice protein, cranberries, nuts, quinoa, blackberries, apples, acai, coconut milk, and more.

I like to mix my powder with water in a blender bottle and drink it immediately after getting home from the gym. When I’m in the mood and have a bit more time, I’ll make a smoothie and mix it with some fruit and Greek yogurt. The brand recommends mixing two scoops with eight to 12 ounces of water or your milk of choice. No matter how I drink it, I always enjoy the taste and don’t find it too thick. The vanilla pairs well with fruits, while the chocolate flavor goes especially well with things like bananas, strawberries, and peanut butter.

What’s Worth Noting About Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder

I love that this protein powder helps me get closer to my goals for the day without really having to think, as it has 21 grams in one drink. That said, you still need to make an effort to get your remaining protein intake for the day from your food. It’s also worth noting that this powder is flavored with stevia extract, which some people don’t enjoy the taste of.

Who Is Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder Best For?

The Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder is a great option for vegans and vegetarians alike looking to supplement their diet with more protein. It’s also great for anyone with a gluten or dairy sensitivity.

Additional Details

  • It’s available in a large container of 20 servings or single-use packets.
  • It’s vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and soy-free.
  • It comes in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chia, and unsweetened.
  • One serving contains 21 grams of protein.

Where Can I Buy Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder?

Ora Organics So Lean & So Clean Protein Powder is available on the brand’s website and Amazon.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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