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Olympian Ashleigh Johnson Shares Her Swimming Gear Recs

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The Expert Edit features interviews with specialists about the products they swear by in their chosen field. For this installment, we speak to Ashleigh Johnson, a goalkeeper for the US Olympic water polo team, on the essentials every swimmer should have.

If you’ve been considering starting a new hobby, there’s never been a better time to dip your toes into . . . a pool. With the sun out, more folks than ever are picking up swimming as a casual activity or a more serious sport — and if the latter case applies to you, we’ve got a pro to equip you with everything you need.

Enter: Ashleigh Johnson, a two-time Olympic gold medalist who is considered by many to be water polo’s top goalkeeper. The 29-year-old just returned from Spain, where Team USA did a training series with the Spanish team. The competition made Johnson “even more enthusiastic and more motivated” for the Olympics, which kick off next month in Paris.

“Spain is going to be one of our top competitors, and I just feel the Games getting closer and closer and the excitement building within myself and within my team,” she says. “I’m excited for it.”

Amid a hectic training schedule and lots of prep, Johnson divulged six products she believes every swimmer or water polo player — from novices to pros — should keep on hand. Keep reading for your next session at the pool, whether it’s leisurely or heart-pumping.

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