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Meet the winners of the 2024 student solution challenge

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Each year, the Google for Developers Solution Challenge empowers university students from around the world to leverage their technical skills — and Google technology — to tackle one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This annual challenge culminates in a live demo day featuring 10 selected teams, where three top prizes and one people’s choice award will be given out.

This year’s winners, from South Korea, India and Nigeria, have harnessed technology in groundbreaking ways to help their communities. Let’s meet the winners.

ATTI — Pukyong National University Daeyeon Campus, South Korea

South Korea faces an escalating dementia crisis fueled by its rapidly aging population. With an estimated 786,000 cases in 2021 and projections of continued growth in the coming decades, the country urgently needs innovative solutions to address this pressing issue.

A team of students from South Korea’s Pukyong National University took on this challenge, focusing on two critical issues faced by individuals with mild dementia due to memory loss: difficulty recalling important life events and managing daily routines. Recognizing the progressive nature of memory loss in dementia, the team sought to enhance the quality of life for those affected. Their solution, Atti, is a mobile app featuring a friendly voice assistant designed to help individuals with mild dementia manage memory loss.

The app, developed using Flutter for broad user reach across Android and iOS platforms, leverages Firebase for member management and feature development. By incorporating Google Cloud features and Gemini API, the team created the chatbot dialog feature “Atti,” which aims to enhance communication, foster psychological stability and support lifestyle patterns for those living with dementia.

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