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Kizik Paris Sneaker Review With Photos

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When you think of an ergonomic or practical shoe, chic might not be the first word to come to mind. So when I was introduced to Kizik and its patented hands-free technology, I was surprised to discover how stylish the brand’s slip-on shoes were. Many of Kizik’s everyday styles look like any other sneaker (replete with shoelaces and various sleek designs), but their hands-free tech means you don’t have to bend down to tie them or hold down the heel or tongue to get your feet into the shoe.

Each style comes with a heel cup that’s designed to compress and bounce back, so you can simply slip them on and off without crushing the back or losing the shape of the shoe. But the added tech doesn’t mean they’re heavier or come with extra bulk — Kiziks may be one of the most lightweight sneakers I’ve ever owned.

I got the opportunity to try the Kizik Women’s Paris Sneaker ($135), the brand’s newest shoe, a few weeks before its release in its namesake city. Fifty thousand steps later, I can confirm these sneakers held up in the most fashionable city in the world on all fronts. Keep reading to see why they’re now my go-to shoes for traveling.

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What I Like About the Kizik Paris Sneaker

For me, sneakers are split into two categories: athletic running shoes for the gym or other active purposes, and cute sneakers for everyday street style. Comfort in general is important to me, but I’ve been known to choose style over it on numerous occasions. So while I love my Hokas or On sneakers for HIIT workouts, I’ll never wear them with jeans or even an exercise dress to run errands in.

It’s not often there’s overlap between these categories, but Kizik’s Paris sneakers crossed over into that middle ground. During my weekend trip in Paris, I averaged about 15,000 steps a day in these shoes with no issue. The refined leather sneakers paired perfectly with my neutral, French-girl inspired outfits, with the rose gold detailing serving as a subtle pop of color.

Aside from the aesthetics, the shoes are truly comfortable and required no breaking in — something I’ve never experienced with leather sneakers. This particular pair is made with nubuck leather, which is more durable and breathable than typical synthetic leathers.

Though I was initially skeptical, I also found the hands-free feature to be such a game changer. The Paris sneakers are designed with Kizik’s patented External Flex Arc, which compresses against the back of the midsole and springs back up when stepped in. I didn’t realize how much time I’d been spending stopping to tie my shoes, twisting my feet into already-laced shoes, or using shoehorns to slide them on until I didn’t have to think about it at all. It was especially ideal for traveling: slipping them off on a long flight or passing through airport security, where shoe removal is required.

What to Consider Before Trying the Kizik Paris Sneaker

Kiziks are not waterproof or machine washable, though you can remove the insoles and wash them separately. So if you’re someone who’s careful about maintaining clean, white shoes, that’s something to keep in mind. I ended up wearing these sneakers in Paris’s random bursts of summer rain, and while they got wet, they did dry quickly. They also come with a sturdy rubber outsole to combat slippery streets. When it comes to cleaning the Paris sneakers, the brand recommends spot cleaning with a soft cloth only.

Unlike most other styles from Kizik, the Paris does not come in wide sizes, only standard.

Who’s the Kizik Paris Sneaker Best For?

Kizik’s hands-free tech is ideal for those who have limitations that make bending down and tying shoes difficult — such as reduced mobility or pregnancy. But they’re also great for anyone in search of a comfortable, stylish shoe for daily wear.

Additional Details:

  • These sneakers come in three colors: Pristine Amberlight, Metallic White, and Black Pristine.
  • They’re available in sizes ranging from women’s 6 to 13.
  • The Paris comes with a cushiony midsole, allowing for more momentum and absorbing impact.

Where Is the Kizik Paris Sneaker Available?

Kizik’s Paris sneakers are currently only available to shop on the brand’s site, though other styles are available at retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom.


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