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Jupiter Retrograde Meaning for Zodiac Sign In 2024

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Given what a bad reputation planetary retrogrades have, the last thing you may want to hear is that another planet is about to kick off its very own backspin. But whether you’re ready for it or not, Jupiter retrograde is officially on the horizon. The good news is that the annual astrological event isn’t nearly as intimidating as it might sound, and if you know how to take advantage of Jupiter retrograde, there’s a chance you could benefit from its personal growth-spurring effects.

Jupiter is lauded as the largest planet in our solar system, and it has a leading role in astrology as well. It’s known as the great benefic, which means the massive planet’s purpose is to bring fortune, joy, knowledge, and wisdom. It also serves as a magnifying glass that amplifies everything it comes in contact with. Think of Jupiter as the planetary equivalent of a buoyant emcee whose job it is to crank up the volume of whatever’s happening in the sky. When Jupiter connects with your Venus sign, for example, which colors how you relate to others and express yourself creatively, it could bring luck and energy to your relationships and finances.

Every year, for about four months, Jupiter goes retrograde, appearing to move backward through the sky. In 2024, Jupiter will be retrograde in the mutable air sign Gemini. Read on for the meaning of Jupiter retrograde as well as what to expect for your zodiac sign as the planet moves backward this year.

When is Jupiter Retrograde In 2024?

In 2024, Jupiter will be retrograde from Oct. 9 to Feb. 4, 2025 in mutable air sign Gemini.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

In order to understand what happens when Jupiter is retrograde, it helps to wrap your head around how it functions when it’s direct (or moving forward). Whether it’s hitting a placement in your birth chart or another planet or luminary in the sky, Jupiter can’t help but magnify and drive your desire for more of whatever it’s connecting with. The planet of abundance oversees expansion in every sense — especially when it comes to cultivating knowledge and broadening your horizons.

When Jupiter comes in contact with placements in your birth chart, it will push you beyond your boundaries, encouraging you to have faith and go with your gut. It’s basically the planet of YOLO, bolstering optimism and a desire to leap into the unknown for the sake of having an extraordinary experience and broadening your consciousness. The flipside of the great benefic is that it can sometimes encourage you to bite off more than you can chew. Just like any planet, Jupiter’s effect when it’s moving forward can be most felt in an external way.

On the flip side, when Jupiter is retrograde, its effects are more internal, psychological, and emotional. Jupiter retrograde is less concerned with affecting the things happening in your world — your work responsibilities, your love life, your living situation — and more interested in inner work and self-reflection. Say it’s currently in your fifth house of romance and self-expression (looking at you, Virgos and Libras!). While direct, Jupiter in your fifth house can set your dating and love life ablaze with more matches, hookups, flirty texts, fireworks, you get it. It can also make for more creative projects and spontaneous fun with friends. But while it’s moving backward, Jupiter nudges you to see the big picture. For instance, you might find yourself realizing that while you might be having a blast, it’s still important to work toward what you ultimately want to achieve romantically and creatively.

What Do Jupiter Retrogrades Mean in Astrology?

During this annual astrological transit, Jupiter will spur a lot of philosophizing and questioning the rules associated with the area of life that it’s magnifying. Let’s say Jupiter is in your eighth house of joint resources. During that time, you could be questioning whether you and your partner should be saving up for a down payment on a house or maybe exploring different investments that speak even more to your shared values.

It bears noting that as with any astrological event, you may not feel this Jupiter retrograde as acutely as you might experience, say, a full moon or Mercury retrograde. That’s because Jupiter’s effects tend to build over the course of its long-term transits versus throwing you for a loop with any kind of dramatic, in-your-face series of events.

In 2024, Jupiter will move backward through the mutable air sign Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, and technology and is associated with the third house of learning and short-distance travel. In turn, Jupiter’s retrograde back through the sign of the Twins will encourage enhanced introspection, philosophizing, and questioning the rules associated with how you communicate, interact with one another, plus take in and disseminate information.

During Jupiter’s retrograde, the planet of abundance will form harmonizing trines to the confident sun in both Libra season (on Oct. 13) and Aquarius season (on Jan. 30, 2025), both of which can offer a surge of positive, optimistic energy to apply toward your self-reflective Jupiter retrograde endeavors.

How Jupiter Retrograde Will Affect the Zodiac Signs

When it comes to Jupiter’s 2024 retrograde, people who have their sun or other astrological placements in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel it more than others. If you want to get even more specific, see if any of your “big six” (sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) birth chart placements fall around 11 to 21 degrees of a mutable sign. If so, you’ll feel this one more than most. Here’s how the 2024 Jupiter retrograde will affect your zodiac sign. Be sure to read your rising sign as well as your sun sign.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Jupiter’s trip through your third house of communication has been in play since May 25, Aries, pumping up the emphasis on your social life and curiosity. Your life is extra buzzy right now, and your calendar could be busting at the seams as you make plans with friends, neighbors, and siblings, if you have them. Short-distance travel (like road trips) are also very much a thing while Jupiter is in this zone. But as it moves backward here, you’ll get a chance to assess if you’ve been spreading yourself too thin. You may be overdue for some R&R and going back to the drawing board to relearn and hone skills you haven’t put to use in some time.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Jupiter has been in your second house of income since May 25, Taurus, bringing in more opportunities to boost your cash flow and laser-focusing your thoughts around how much you’re valued and what you put value in. But as it moves backward, it’s time to get serious about which long-term dreams and moneymaking projects actually deserve your energy. How you can make them a reality?

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Jupiter has been in your sign since May 25, cranking up your desire to hit personal goals and make your mark, Gemini. But as it moves backward there, you’ll have to take a step back and think about whether you’re on track. Are you truly putting all your energy toward projects and relationships that are the best fit? Is it possible to dream bigger, prioritize eye-opening experiences, and hone your skill set in a way that will ultimately bolster your passions and allow you to earn rewards from the activities you most value? Extra time spent going inward can help you answer these questions.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

As Jupiter has moved ahead in your 12th house of spirituality since May 25, it has been expanding your dreams, Cancer. You tend to prefer to focus on socializing, learning, researching, and forging new connections, but the planet of abundance has encouraged you to slow down, prioritize rest and recharging time, and to give more credence to your imagination and unconscious. As it goes retrograde, this will be even more the case, and you could find caring for your inner self as much as you do your social life truly benefits your overall well-being.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Jupiter’s been in your 11th house of networking and aspirations since May 25, Leo, expanding your opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues and friends on shared goals. You might also feel like lofty intentions you’ve dreamed about making a reality for years are finally starting to come to fruition. As the planet of luck moves backward, you’ll have several months to meditate on which team efforts are truly worth your energy and which strategies will lead to making your long-term wishes come true.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)

As Jupiter has moved through your 10th house of career since May 25, Virgo, you’ve been itching for more big picture projects, leadership opportunities, and, perhaps most importantly, recognition for all of your hard work. You’ve probably gotten props from higher-ups or other people you respect and admire, which has been super-satisfying, but you’re realizing there’s still more progress to be made. As Jupiter moves backward there, it’s time to get crystal clear on exactly what you want to achieve and what you want to be recognized for. Checking in with your intuition on all of this is a must.

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)

Libra, Jupiter has been moving through your ninth house of adventure since May 25, expanding your ability to learn, get out of your comfort zone, pick up new skill sets, and perhaps even get your writing or similarly cerebrally-charged projects out there into the world. But as the planet of abundance is retrograde, you’ll move inward, feeling more adventurous in a self-reflective way. You could have exciting, artistic brainstorms or an epiphany about a long-distance trip you want to take. Either way, by tuning into your gut, you’ll find a way to make your vision a concrete reality in the new year.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Jupiter’s been moving through your eighth house of emotional bonds since May 25, Scorpio, throwing a magnifying glass over your most intimate relationships as well as joint resources. This has been a wonderful time to learn more about investments, real estate, and other financial projects that you may be exploring or diving into alongside a loved one. As Jupiter goes retrograde, you’ll have a chance to reassess any endeavors along these lines and also gain clarity on what kind of physical, mental, and emotional bonding time will prove most fulfilling within your deepest relationships.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

Jupiter’s trip through your seventh house of partnership, which has been in play since May 25, Sagittarius, has been magnifying all of your one-on-one relationships: romantic, platonic, and professional. You’ve probably been pretty blissed out with Jupiter there, feeling like you’ve never been happier within your bonds. While it’s retrograde, you get a chance to reassess how you’re showing up for others and how they’re showing up for you. Remember: reciprocity is crucial.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

Jupiter has been moving through your sixth house of wellness and daily routine since May 25, Capricorn, expanding your everyday hustle. You’ve probably had more work thrown your way, more chances to meet up with friends on a regular basis, and a greater desire to experiment with your health and fitness regimen. As Jupiter, which also happens to be your ruling planet, is retrograde there, you’ll be nudged to think about what commitments are worth your time and which can go. You’re usually so apt to being incredibly industrious and taking on challenges galore, but you may realize that streamlining your day-to-day life could make you even more productive and joyful.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

As Jupiter has moved through your fifth house of romance and self-expression since May 25, Aquarius, you’ve been taking a lighter, more spontaneous approach to life. You’ve been drawn to creative pastimes and feeling more flirtatious and lighthearted. If you’re single, you might find your dating life is particularly active, and if you’re attached, you could feel like you’re falling in love all over again with your partner. As the great benefic moves backward here, you’ll have a chance to slow down and reimagine what you want this area of your life to look like, both now and in the long-run. Pleasure might need to be more of a priority from here on out.

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

Jupiter has been in your fourth house of home life since May 25, Pisces, throwing a magnifying glass on your domestic and inner, emotional world. While it moves backward there, you could be questioning any recent real estate-related decisions or thinking about how past wishes related to family fit your current or future vision. This could be an especially fruitful moment for intensive therapy, meditation, or journaling to gain clarity on the path that will best bolster your sense of security.

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