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Wix Announces A Figma Plugin That Turns Designs Into Websites

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Wix Announces A Figma Plugin That Turns Designs Into Websites

Wix announced a new Figma Plugin that enables designers to import Figma designs directly into Wix Studio and dramatically speed up site creation from the design stage to a functioning website.

Figma Design Tool

Figma is a SaaS (software as a service) collaborative design tool that allows designers, teams and clients to prototype designs, in this case website designs.

Figma enables designers, developers and other stakeholders to create, share, and test digital designs for websites (and other digital experiences). Its collaborative features streamline the back and forth of design, feedback and decision-making.

The Wix Figma Plugin allows a designer or design agency to export those designs into Wix Studio where it can then be realized into an actual functional website.

Wix Figma Plugin

Gali Erez, Head of Product at Wix Studio Editor offered the following statement:

“We are thrilled to present the new plugin to the design community… With its innovative features and intuitive interface the plugin empowers users to craft captivating designs, and swiftly streamline the path from design to production. This efficiency enhances their design and development experience and ultimately drives conversions.”

Wix is a SaaS website builder platform that makes it easy for anyone to create attractive high performance websites for virtually any industry, from ecommerce to online services. The announcement of Figma plugin is yet another innovation that makes Wix one of the most attractive platforms for creating websites.

Figma last month updated users about the imminent rollout of the Wix plugin, which generated a lot of excitement.

Typical comments:

“Awaiting its public release, very excited.”

“So excited for this plugin to come out. I am glad it’s coming out next month it’ll change the game in web design.”

Read more about the new Wix Figma Plugin:

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