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“Vanilla Chrome” Nails Are an Elevated Neutral

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If you’re looking for some fresh nail inspiration before your next salon appointment, there’s a new trend you’ll want to keep top of mind: “vanilla chrome” nails. A twist on your go-to neutral, the look combines a cool-toned beige color with the viral Hailey Bieber glazed-doughnut finish.

When it comes to the latter, it was one of many iterations of chrome nails, which have been trending in recent months. “When it first came out, the chrome pigment was extremely hard to find and was very expensive — about $25 for a very small bottle,” celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec previously told PS. “Now it has become more popular and is easier to find. You can find it pretty much anywhere nail products are sold, including most nail salons.”

As for the vanilla-chrome manicure, if you like a simple nail with a subtle “something extra,” you may have found your new go-to look. Maximalists, don’t worry; the trend makes a perfect base for 3D nail art, decals, and hand-painted drawings, so you might want to stick around for some inspiration, too. Ahead, read about everything you need to know to get your own version of the look, just in time to step into your main-character energy.

Experts Featured in This Article

Julie Kandalec is a celebrity manicurist and nail educator.

Stephanie Stone is an editorial manicurist.

What Are Vanilla-Chrome Nails?

“Vanilla-chrome nails are a creamier, more opaque, and opalescent version of the ‘Hailey Bieber’ manicure that just wouldn’t quit,” manicurist Stephanie Stone tells PS. “The main difference is the beige base color used.”

The best part of this manicure is that it goes with virtually any hair or makeup look and won’t clash with anything in your closet. This makes it perfect for formal events, work, or even vacation — that’s what we’d call versatility at its finest.

Though the color of chrome used in this look typically leans more silver, as long as that wet, “glazed” finish is present, you can use any color of chrome you want. From a gold tone to a holographic shade like the one used in “digital lavender” nails, there are plenty of ways to turn the look on its head to make it your own, while still keeping it subtle and understated. If you want a bit more drama, add kawaii hearts and bears, or even your favorite cartoon characters — the options are truly endless with such an easy-to-wear trend.

How to Get Vanilla-Chrome Nails

To achieve vanilla-chrome nails, Stone recommends using gel nail polish. “Chrome powder works best with gel, so I would recommend you stick to that category when getting these done at a salon,” she says. Additionally, she recommends bringing a picture of the look with you so you can clearly show your manicurist what you’re going for.

Should you create the look at home, there are a few ways you can go about it. “Chrome powder can be tricky, so you want to opt for a creamy polish with a pearlescent topcoat,” Stone says. “That way, you avoid any mixing or extra steps.” She recommends Gucci’s Cecilia Ivory ($35) or your favorite creamy beige polish as a base, then, instead of using chrome powder, finish the manicure with Essie’s Expressie FX Iced Out Top Coat ($9) to give it that shimmery chrome sheen sans the mess.

If you’re ready to have the manicure of the moment at your fingertips (pun intended), then scroll ahead to get some inspiration for the trend. From french tips to floral designs, prepare yourself for the onslaught of vanilla-chrome manicures you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

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