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The Best Short Curly Haircut Ideas, According to Stylists

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There’s just something about a new season that makes getting a haircut feel especially refreshing. It could be the promise of warmer weather — and knowing that shorter hair means not having to deal with stray pieces sticking to the back of your neck. It could also be the general idea of starting fresh with a new hairstyle. Whatever your reasoning, if you’re looking for hair inspiration — especially if you have naturally curly or textured hair — you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can do with short curly hair. Short curly haircuts can range from the bob (a tried-and-true style), the curly shag haircut (perfect if you want stunning short curly hair with bangs), and even a curly pixie (a chic, low cut that looks good on pretty much everyone). In short, whether you’re long overdue for a haircut or just want a fresh, brand spanking new look, you definitely have plenty of options. Ahead, we asked professional hairstylists to break down some of the most popular short, curly hairstyles.

Experts Featured in This Article

Graham Nation is a celebrity hairstylist and Unite ambassador.

Devin Toth is a hairstylist based in New York.

Adam Federico is R+Co’s director of content.

Edward Tricomi is a hairstylist and founder of Warren Tricomi.

Riawna Capri is a celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Nine Zero One Salon.

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