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The Bell-Bottom Bob Haircut Is Trending

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A new haircut is one of the easiest ways to refresh your look. If you want something subtle but voluminous, add layers. Want something bold and face-framing? Try bangs. The power of a good haircut shouldn’t be underestimated, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the sheer number of options out there. Still, if you prefer to try something trendy and new, allow us to put the “bell-bottom” bob on your radar.

“This bob haircut is different than a traditional version of the hairstyle because it is slim to the head near the parting and flares out with volume at the ends,” celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, the person who coined the term, tells PS. “The silhouette is inspired by the shape of a bell or the flared cut of bell-bottom jeans.

Ahead, Smith explains everything you should know about the bell-bottom bob, including tips on styling the look and what people with textured hair should consider.

Experts Featured in This Article

Tom Smith is a professional hairstylist and the international color director at Evo Hair.

What Is a Bell-Bottom Bob?

Bell-bottom bobs are much more voluminous than the traditional version of the hairstyle. “The style is a bob with minimal layers, with or without a fringe/bangs flipped out at the ends,” Smith says. “The most integral part is the volume at the ends — the cut can be styled to look either super sleek with those flipped ends or with a more undone texture.”

Bell-Bottom Bobs on Textured Hair

If you have textured hair, you can definitely get the look, but Smith recommends straightening your hair for the full effect. “A silk press or blow-dry will be required to achieve this swishy style,” Smith says. “This shape works best for hair that is slightly wavy. Straight hair can be challenging to get a long lasting ‘flick’ while curly and highly textured hair will require a lot of work to smooth out into the bell-bottom bob shape.”

How to Style a Bell-Bottom Bob

If you’re ready for your bell-bottom bob era, Smith has a few tips to achieve the best version of the style. “Gently pre-dry the roots of your hair in a downward motion, then use a small round brush with the help of a styling mousse and heat protector spray to flick out the ends,” Smith says. “If your hair drops out easily, try wrapping the ends up in a small Velcro roller while they cool to set the flick in place.” Finish the look with a strong-hold hairspray like the Evo Helmut Extra Strong Lacquer ($34) or the Nexxus Flexible Hold Hairspray ($15). “For a softer, more daytime-appropriate look, shake the hair out after styling and add texture spray for a more tousled result.”

Get some more inspiration for your bell-bottom bob ahead.

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