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Rimas Entertainment Announces New Corporate Appointments

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Rimas Entertainment has announced new corporate appointments, adding two key executives to its leadership team, Billboard has learned.  

Rodrigo Prichard has been named general manager of Rimas Entertainment, and will begin July 1, reporting directly to the company’s chief operating officer, Jorge Bracero. Kristen Quintero-Garriga has been named vice president of brand partnerships under RIT.MO, Rimas’ new division that acts as a creative consultancy and sales force.

“I am thrilled to welcome Rodrigo Prichard and Kristen Quintero-Garriga to our corporate leadership team,” Bracero said in a press statement. “Their deep knowledge and experience in the music industry and in creating strategic alliances are invaluable to us at this time of growth and evolution. I am confident that their leadership will be crucial in further driving Rimas’ success in the future.” 

Prichard, who was vp of legal and business affairs at Universal Music Latin before joining Rimas, will oversee all departments of the record labels within the Rimas conglomerate (Rimas Music, Sonar, Nain Music) in Puerto Rico, the United States and all other markets. 

Prior to joining Rimas, Quintero-Garriga was market manager at Puma Energy LATAM, Burger King and Advice Global. In her new role, she will lead brand partnerships, offering her expertise to Rimas, Habibi, Rimas Sports, Fundación Rimas and Rimas Nation, among others.

“Rimas is what all other brands aspire to be right now: agile, smart and passionate,” Prichard expressed. “I am honored to join this family of visionary professionals and look forward to contributing to the brand’s success.”

Quintero-Garriga added: “The speed and efficiency with which each business line under Rimas Entertainment has developed have created great opportunities to forge strategic alliances with local and international brands, which we will capitalize on. We are focused on creating unparalleled collaborations with brands and our world-class artists, athletes and events that we are bringing to Puerto Rico.”

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