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Pillow Nails Are a Fun New Trend to Try

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Manicures are one of the best ways to express your personal sense of style. Whether you love a timeless french tip or prefer something more fashion-forward, like the trendy Van Cleef nail, your hands can speak for you before you even utter a word. If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest and greatest in the nail space, you’ll want to know that there’s a new trend making the rounds right now. Say hello to “pillow” nails. And they look as cute as they sound.

Also known as puffy nails, this style can take on a variety of different forms. “It’s a super cute trend that is a bit easier to wear than other 3D nails,” Julie Kandalec tells PS. “It’s also a type of “fidget” nail that’s fun to play with.”

Ahead, Kandalce explains everything you should know about the manicure, including exact steps on how to get the look.

Experts Featured in This Article

Julie Kandalec is a celebrity manicurist based in New York City.

What Are Pillow Nails?

Have you ever placed something hard in the middle of an extra fluffy comforter? The way it sinks into the soft surface is the inspiration behind this nail trend. Though puffy nails look similar to the standard 3D trend, they are very different. Whereas most 3D sets typically feature charms, which add height to each nail, pillow nails do the opposite. “It’s almost as if someone placed an object on top of something fluffy, like whipped cream,” Kandalec says. “It goes inward as opposed to the charms going on top of an already established nail, causing them to protrude off of the nail.”

Difference Between Pillow and Textured Nails

Though the pillow nail trend adds some interesting texture to the nail, it doesn’t qualify as a textured manicure either. “Textured manicures feature more of a repetitive pattern,” Kandalec says. Think of trends like crocodile skin or sweater nails. “Pillow nails differ because they feature an object or two per nail versus a uniformed texture throughout the entire manicure.”

How to Achieve Pillow Nails

To level-set expectations, this is a complicated trend to DIY — it’s best left to the pros. Still, if you’re curious how it’s done, Kandalec explained the proccess for us. “When using gel formulas, it’s a two-step process: the shape itself, then the gel around it,” Kandalec says. “You would use a 3D gel to create the shape that you want and then cure them. For the rest of the manicure, apply your regular gel polish in your preferred color, leaving a trench (or a slight gap) around the perimeter of each shape. Finally, you’d use a 3D gel to build up the shape surrounding the design, then cure the entire nail again.” If you’re doing this method using acrylic, Kandalec says it’s actually a little easier. “Since the powder hardens gradually, get the look by using an acrylic brush dipped in monomer to create the shape before it fully sets,” she says. “You can also use miniature cookie cutters.”

Pillow nails are an adorable way to get in on the “coquette aesthetic,” or maximalist nails. If you’re ready to get your own set, we rounded up a few of our favorites to give you some inspiration, ahead.

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