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Merit Signature Matte Lipstick Review With Photos

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merit lipstick reviewmerit lipstick review
POPSUGAR Photography | Aviel Kanter
POPSUGAR Photography | Aviel Kanter
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TBH, I’m not a huge lipstick girl. Sometimes I’ll swipe on a gloss, but typically, I’m a balm wearer (I’m a Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lifer). For whatever reason, lipstick always makes me feel a little too “fancy” — maybe because my mom never wore lipstick (or makeup at all, for that matter), but lipstick has never really been a staple in my lineup. That said, there was one that I was obsessed with for years: Chanel’s “liquid powder” lipstick. However, when it was tragically discontinued, I thought I would never find a love like that again . . . until the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick ($26) walked into my life. It has all the green flags I was looking for: a blurred matte effect, a ’90s-inspired color palette, and a lightweight feel that makes me forget I’m wearing anything at all. Keep reading to see why I’ve fallen hard for the Merit matte lipstick, and see photos of my two favorite shades.

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About the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick

  • Merit’s Signature lipstick comes in eight matte shades.
  • The formula is lightweight and leaves a soft finish with a buildable color.
  • Plant-derived squalane and sunflower seed oil help keep lips moisturized while papain enzyme soothes.
  • Stabilized vitamin C helps smooth out fine lines on the lips.
  • Merit is considered a clean beauty brand, and the packaging is recyclable and reusable.

What I Like About the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick

I really love the soft color payoff on these lip shades — instead of being mega tinted, they are more like a matte stain. They almost blur the lips, which is my favorite style of lip color. This blurred effect happens especially around the lip line — it gives that “just been kissed” casual vibe that I look for when I wear a lipstick instead of a balm or gloss. My favorite shades are Equestrian, the perfect subtle ’90s brown, and Sunday, a sweet, muted petal pink.

I also like that my lips never feel dry or cakey with this lipstick. The formula truly is quite lightweight and feels like a second skin — I honestly forgot I was wearing anything the last time I applied a swipe of Sunday. It doesn’t sink into my lip creases like many other matte lipsticks tend to do, and the color stays uniform across my lower lip, especially even after several hours of wear.

How to Use the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick

POPSUGAR Photography | Aviel Kanter

I typically start with a lipstick brush since I like a more diffused color than what I get when I apply directly from the tube. I start on the center of my bottom lip (also called the vermillion), working my way out to the lip line and corners. I then do the same on my upper lip, starting at the center and finishing with the cupid’s bow. I’m partial to a subtle color so I usually don’t add too many layers, but if I’m going for a more dramatic look, I’ll keep building the color using the lip brush. I finish by then putting a dab of color on my fingertip and adding a bit of a blurring effect to my lip lines. I’ve found I don’t need to reapply too often, but you might want to throw the tube in your bag if you’re going to be eating — if I’m out and about, I typically don’t bring my lip brush and just rely on my fingertip for touchups.

What to Consider Before Trying the Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Matte Lipstick

POPSUGAR Photography | Aviel Kanter

First and foremost, you have to like a matte finish. These shades are also pretty subtle (the cooler red shade Power is probably the most intense), so if you want something super pigmented, you might want to reach for something else. However, if you want a lipstick that feels great on the skin and has a more diffused pigment, I can’t think of a better option. Plus, the shades are pure ’90s perfection.



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