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Hair Jewelry Is Trending Again

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Though the first Monday in May has come and gone, there was one trend on the Met Gala red carpet that has continued to stand the test of time: hair jewelry. From Venus Williams’s bejeweled bun to Taraji P. Henson’s gorgeous, floral-accented updo, the hairstyles on the carpet were as dazzling as the gowns.

Since then, hair jewelry has continued to bubble up on red carpets and street style aficionados alike, and it’s only expected to get more popular as people continue looking for ways to embrace maximalist aesthetics.

“Hair jewelry differs from the accessories category, as the latter can include headbands, scrunchies, bows, and more,” accessories designer Jennifer Behr tells PS. “The former offers a more bejeweled look to hairstyles,” she says, complementing it rather than making it all about the added accessory.

If you’ve been wanting to dive a bit deeper into the world of hair jewelry, Behr explains more about how to incorporate the accessories into your everyday look, as well as certain hairstyles that are well-suited for the trend, ahead.

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Jennifer Behr is an accessories designer and founder of her eponymous brand, based in New York City.

What Is Hair Jewelry?

Hair jewelry serves the same purpose for your hair as things like necklaces, earrings, and rings do for your body; it adds a bit of bling to your overall look. “I consider hair jewelry to be bobby pins, barrettes, or clips that are made from crystal, pearl, or metal,” Behr says. “It’s similar to how you would think about jewelry you wear in your ears or on your neck.”

You’ve likely encountered hair jewelry before. Bedazzle hairstyles trended heavy in the ’90s and ’00s, and they’re making a big resurgence right now. Metallic cuffs, for example, are often used to jazz up box braids and locs.

Hair jewelry can also be cultural. “For instance, Kanzashi from Japan has an incredibly rich history, hair jewels in India are gorgeous and are often made of real gems and gold, and there are even cultural headpieces that are considered ceremonial and specially reserved for royalty,” says Behr. “Hair jewelry is a bit magical – it’s unexpected and so special.”

Best Hairstyles For Hair Jewelry

Hair jewels can adorn virtually any hairstyle. It can be as effortless as pinning back a piece of hair in the front of your head with a single bobby pin or adding a dozen jewels to a braid. Still, certain styles inherently work for specific types of hair jewels. “Braids are very well suited for bobby pins depending on your hair thickness and its overall length,” Behr says. “Additionally, they are super versatile as you can wrap them into a bun and add pearls or crystals to that style if you don’t want to add the jewels along the length of the braid.”

Bobs are having a moment and short hairstyles can also get in on the hair jewelry fun. “If you have short hair, secure one side with our Kristel bobby pins ($298), which are a Taylor Swift favorite,” Behr says. “You could also layer your hair jewelry to add some differentiation to your look.” Your hair jewelry can also come in the form of charms, like these Melanin Loc Jewelry Gold Hair Charm ($18) gemstone combs or even jewelry extensions, like this RPZL Grey Bandit Seashell Chain ($39).

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Hair jewelry is a fun way to stand out from the crowd — whether you want to dress up for a formal occasion or just add a bit of sparkle to your daily beauty routine. Now go live your best, most twinkly life — very appropriate for the main character that you are.

Ariel Baker is the associate editor for PS Beauty. Her areas of expertise include celebrity news, beauty trends, and product reviews. She has additional bylines with Essence and Forbes Vetted.

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