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Google Search now supports return policy markup at the organization-level

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A year ago, Google added support for return policy structured data support for merchant listing and now Google is expanding that support to the organization level. “Today we’re adding support for return policies at the organization level as well, which means you’ll be able to specify a general return policy for your business instead of having to define one for each individual product you sell,” Google wrote.

You no longer need to have to specify a separate return policy for each individual product you sell. You can now have one return policy that goes across your whole organization.

More details. Google explained that by adding an organization-level return policy, it can help reduce the size of your Product structured data markup and make it easier to manage your return policy markup in one place. Plus, it will help you show your return policy in the snippets across many search appearances.

Google said it is “especially important” to add a return policy to your organization structured data “if you don’t have a Merchant Center account and want the ability to provide a return policy for your business.” “Merchant Center already lets you provide a return policy for your business, so if you have a Merchant Center account we recommend defining your return policy there instead,” Google added.

Google said if your site is an online or local business, it is recommended to use one of the OnlineStore, or LocalBusiness subtypes of Organization.

What it looks like. Here is a mockup from Google on how the return policy looks in the Google Search results:

Merchant Organization InformationMerchant Organization Information

Testing this. Google said you can test return policies defined under your organization structured data using the Rich Results Test by submitting the URL of a page or a code snippet. Using the rich results test tool will allow you to confirm whether or not your markup is valid.

Here is what the tool looks like:

Rich Results Test Return PolicyRich Results Test Return Policy

Why we care. If you want an easier way to implement this return policy markup across all your products on your site, now you can do it at the organization level.

This may save you time and effort, while also giving more data for Google to show in the search results about your search listings.

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