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Google introduces new AI tools for Workspace for Education

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Helping teen students learn responsibly and confidently in an AI-first future with Gemini

Google is committed to making AI helpful for everyone, in the classroom and beyond. We want to both prepare teens with the skills and tools they need to thrive in the future where GenAI exists and teach them how this technology can be used to unlock creativity and facilitate learning. Gemini can provide guided support to help students learn more confidently with in-the-moment assistance, practice materials and real-time feedback and ideas. Hands-on experience with generative AI will help prepare students for an AI-driven future.

Last year we released a responsible Gemini experience for teens using their personal Google Accounts after consulting with child safety and development experts to help shape our content policies and an experience that prioritizes safety. Since then we’ve taken a number of additional steps to ensure we’re bringing this technology to students responsibly, partnering with learning science experts, testing with youth advisory panels and committing to add extra data protection for all education users free of charge, meaning Google will not use data from chats to improve AI models.

In the coming months, we’re making Gemini available to teen students that meet our minimum age requirements while using their Google Workspace for Education accounts in English in over 100 countries around the world, free of charge for all education institutions. To ensure schools are always in control, Gemini will be off by default for teens until admins choose to turn it on in the Admin console.

Our teen experience provides a uniquely responsible and useful Gemini for younger students:

  • Gemini has been tuned to identify content that may be inappropriate to teen users and trigger policies and guardrails to help prevent inappropriate responses, such as illegal or age-gated substances, from appearing.
  • The first time a user asks a fact-based question, Gemini will automatically run its double-check response feature, which helps evaluate whether there’s content across the web to substantiate its response. We’ll actively recommend teens use the double-check feature in-product to help them develop information literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • A teen-friendly onboarding experience in Gemini includes an AI Literacy video–endorsed by ConnectSafely and Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)–with tips on how to use generative AI responsibly .
  • Learning Coach, a custom version of Gemini powered by LearnLM, will soon help students build knowledge by providing step-by-step study guidance, along with helpful practice activities like quizzes and games.
  • OpenStax and Data Commons extensions will soon help students learn with information from trusted sources.

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