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Four ways Google Analytics can help your business grow

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Built to be durable from the get go

In today’s evolving landscape, a durable measurement strategy is key to navigating a privacy-first future. Later this year, we will begin rolling out support for some of the Chrome Privacy Sandbox APIs to ensure you can continue to reach your audiences and measure effectively even without third-party cookies.

Also, to ensure you remain durable against regulatory and privacy changes, enhanced conversions in Google Analytics 4 helps to produce a more complete picture of your cross-channel conversion attribution. By combining hashed, consented first-party data with your existing conversion tags, your data is matched with other Google data in a privacy-safe way to give you a clearer, more comprehensive view of how your campaigns are truly performing. Then, streamline your workflow by effortlessly sending these enhanced conversions directly to Google Ads to power Google AI and improve the performance of your ads.

Simplifying things further, it’s easier than ever to share consent choices to Google Analytics 4 using Consent Mode. This way, you can tap into AI-powered behavioral modeling to unlock a complete view of your users’ journeys.

Google Analytics 4 is truly built to be durable for the future. We’ll continue to invest in giving you a tool that helps answer fundamental questions about your business across your consumer’s entire path to purchase, despite ongoing changes in the measurement landscape.

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