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Gyms are like coffee — everyone has a different preference. And if your ideal gym is one that’s positive, inclusive, fun, and affordable, Crunch Fitness may be the choice for you. It may not include the eucalyptus steam rooms found at Life Time Fitness or the luxury toiletries of Equinox, but Crunch Fitness prices won’t hurt your wallet, and that combined with a “no judgment” tagline makes it welcoming for people of all ages and fitness levels.

With headquarters in New York City, Crunch Fitness boasts over 460 locations worldwide. So chances are, there’s a Crunch Fitness near you. If it sounds like the gym may be a fit for your fitness needs, and you’re curious about whether Crunch Fitness prices make it a fit for your wallet, we did a deep dive into Crunch Fitness pricing.

Crunch Fitness pricing structures can vary by location. While the info here can give you a general sense of what you can expect to pay, contact your local Crunch Fitness near you for a free trial pass and for more specific information about the prices of memberships in your location.

Crunch Fitness Membership Prices and Options

Crunch Fitness Memberships ($10 and up per month)

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There are three tiers of Crunch Fitness memberships: Base, Peak, and Peak results. For a breakdown on the cost of each and what each one includes, read on.

  • Base ($10 a month): A Base level membership allows for single club access to the gym floor and locker rooms. It doesn’t include access to group classes.
  • Peak ($25 per month): The next tier above, or the Peak level, allows multi-club access, but does not allow for access to the signature locations (more on those below). It includes all the benefits of Base membership and group fitness classes, which may include HIIT classes, Pilates, indoor cycling classes, and yoga.
  • Peak Results ($30 per month): Peak Results encompasses the benefits of both Base and Peak, but also includes a variety of group fitness classes. Whether you love to increase the intensity with HIIT classes, take a challenge with indoor cycling classes, or spend time utilizing the Relax & Recover services, there are plenty of options to choose from. Peak Results also allows for unlimited guests to try out the gym floor with a member.

Additionally, Crunch has 28 signature premium gyms across the nation, including in major metropolitan cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. These gyms have their own membership tiers, which may include One Crunch and All Crunch and start at around $95 per month (but again, it’s location specific).

Additional Crunch Fitness Costs

  • Annual Fee: On top of monthly membership costs, there may be an annual fee that goes toward equipment upkeep and facility maintenance.
  • Personal Training: Inquire at your local Crunch Fitness for more details about scheduling a free trial for personal training. Beginners might look towards setting up their customized CrunchONE Kickoff, an individualized session with a personal trainer to kick start the journey towards your goals.
  • Crunch+ Streaming Workouts: This digital platform, which is offered as a $2 a month add-on for current members (and is included in the price of the Crunch Signature All Crunch membership), offers hundreds of different classes, ranging from five minutes to longer sessions. There are a mixture of live and on-demand options.

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