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6 Summer Makeup Trends For 2024

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After what felt like the world’s longest winter, summer has finally arrived. With it comes beach parties, Aperol spritzes, picnics in the park, and a general sentiment of starting fresh. And what’s fresher than trying out a new makeup trend? Summer is the best time to shake it up a bit and try a new style or technique. Embracing a new look is fun and less exhausting than, say, changing swimsuits or wondering where you left your sunglasses (again). As much as we love bronzed latte eyeshadow and a moody lip, nothing beats a new batch of summer makeup trends.

If you’re fresh out of ideas or inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a cool new lip shade, a fresh way to apply blush, or a throwback grunge-era eye look, there’s something in here for everyone. These makeup trends will help accentuate all your best traits and features, no matter if it’s a juicy punch of blush or a shimmery pastel lid.

Ahead, we asked some of the industry’s best makeup artists and experts to share what makeup looks will be trending this summer — because let’s be honest, you’ve earned a little fun after such a long winter.

Experts Featured in This Article

Claudia Betancur is a professional makeup artist and a member of the L’Oréal Paris League of Experts.

Kirin Bhatty is a celebrity makeup artist and a Marshalls and T.J.Maxx beauty and style expert.

Katey Denno is a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Amanda Seyfried, Quannah Chasinghorse, Sadie Sink, and more.

Mai Quynh is a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Riley Keough, Nicole Richie, and more.

Etienne Ortega is the founder of Ortega Beauty and a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Lana Del Rey and more.

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