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28 Quick and Filling Breakfast Recipes

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As much as I love breakfast, all too often I find myself pressed for time and reaching for a mere apple or granola bar just to curb morning hunger…only to be greeted by stomach grumbles half an hour later. If you’re guilty of the same thing, then you need a breakfast intervention. There’s no need to whip up some spectacular menu worthy of a weekend brunch — but it’s a good idea to have something more nutritious than a single piece of buttered toast or a cup of coffee to start your day.

Behold, 28 delicious recipes that are quick, easy, and filling. It is possible to make a good breakfast without getting up much earlier (some of them are easily made ahead of time and taken on the go, too), and the best part is you’ll be completely satisfied until lunchtime rolls around. Whether you’re a sweet-breakfast person or love something savory first thing, there’s a breakfast option here for you. From colorful smoothies to flavorful oatmeal and even smoked salmon toast, keep reading to see the best ideas for easy, filling breakfasts that suit every type of morning mood.

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