Friday, June 14, 2024

Chromebook Plus adds new built in Gemini AI features

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Starting today, new Google AI and gaming features are available on Chromebook Plus. You can now write like a pro with Help me write, supercharge your ideas with Gemini, edit photos in a snap with Magic Editor, and more — all on Chromebook Plus laptops, starting at $350 USD.

All Chromebooks will also have new tools and Google integrations to help make it easier to get things done. And with our wide range of devices, including a few new ones this spring, you can find the best Chromebook for you.

Chromebook Plus with new built-in Google AI features

With Google AI, getting things done on your Chromebook Plus will be easier than ever because today we’re launching new features, built right into your Chromebook Plus.

Help me write brings the power of Google AI to where you write — whether that’s a review on a website, a PDF form like a rental application for an apartment, or a web app installed on your Chromebook. Simply right click to get suggestions or change the tone to fit your audience. Help me write will help you generate text from scratch using a prompt or you can rewrite your existing text to make what you wrote more formal, shorter, or rephrase it altogether — the options are endless.

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